Future MacBooks may have sun-backlit displays

Future MacBooks may have sun-backlit displays

If I painted for an Apple patent describing a MacBook with a rechargeable battery by the sun, some might even find it cool, but that would be nothing really new and revolutionary. How about, then, using daylight to backlight laptop displays?

MacBooks backlit by the sun

This is what one of Ma's last patents registered in the United States is about. Apple's main idea, of course, is to save battery, after all, this is perhaps the aspect of today's notebooks that drain them the most. Not only that, but it is very likely that the technology will be optimal for viewing displays in external environments, something quite compromised in current models.

As always, the disclosure of these inventions does not necessarily mean that Apple does in fact incorporate them into its products, but the possibility exists. This concept, specifically, credited to Peter H. Mahowald.

(via Patently Apple)