Samsung's flexible curved OLED screen

Future iPhones would have curved OLED screens from Samsung and new touch technology

Rumors of “IPhone 8” point out that at least one of the models that will be presented in 2017 will have an OLED screen. There is also the hypothesis that the screens of the next devices are curved, as well as the possibility that they have an entire glass finish. Putting these rumors together and adding a few more details, the The Korea Herald reported that the next iPhones with OLED will have curved screens and possibly new touch technology.

Samsung's flexible curved OLED screenFlexible screen presented by Samsung

According to the Korean website, Apple would use a type of OLED curved screen similar to those used by Samsung in its newer smartphone lines, which have already been considered the best in the market. Anonymous sources said the novelty, however, would be OLED screens made of plastic instead of glass.

The OLED version of the new iPhone will be curved by the fact that Apple has ordered plastic OLED screens – not glass – from Samsung Display. Samsung is able to supply just under 100 million units of OLED curved screens to Apple.

As previously mentioned, it is possible that both Samsung, LG and Sharp provide this type of curved screen for Apple. However, these two are believed to contribute only from 2018, while the Sammy it will be able to offer them from 2017 onwards. As the only supplier next year, perhaps the stocks of these next iPhones will actually be reduced by half (normally, 200 million units are manufactured per year). For “normal” models (LCD, not curved), the supply will continue to come from LG and Japan Display.

Some sources also claim that LG would be working to provide “foldable” screens to both Apple and Google and Microsoft. As Samsung has presented this concept before, it may be that the fight will be good in 2018. Even so, the website reports that iPhones would not be foldable, but to differentiate themselves from future models, they would have a new touch-sensitive technology that would allow them to touch in any corner of the device; however, there is no evidence that Apple would actually adopt this.

There is so much fallacy around this device of 2017 that I no longer know what to believe. ?

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