Future iPhone 6.1 ″ should use LCD panel (cropped) similar to LG G7

We are already in May, which means that the rumors machine for the new wave of iPhones It is finally beginning to gain traction and will soon be in full swing (or not).

If nothing changes very By September, we even have an idea of ​​the scenario we will see at the introduction of Apple's new smartphones, with two top-of-the-line models (one iPhone X successor and a 6.5 Plus version of it) and one “Input” with similar design and 6.1 ″ screen. Now even more information about this mysterious third model begins to emerge.

According to the newspaper BusinessKorea, Ma may be planning to equip its cheaper future iPhone (if the SE goes out of business) with a similar MLCD + screen used by LG in its new G7 ThinQ.

LG G7 ThinQ

The panel, which would naturally have the cut-off that should become standard on iPhones going forward, differs from the traditional IPS LCD by bringing a white sub-pixel in addition to the usual blue, red and green sub-pixels; This provides greater color accuracy, and the technology is more economical for the battery.

The biggest advantage of MLCD +, however, is the improved screen brightness. To give you an idea, the iPhone X OLED panel has a maximum brightness of 804 nits, while the LG G7 ThinQ goes up to 1,000 nits, so the South Korean is calling the attractive. Super bright display (Super Bright Screen).

It is not yet known whether LG itself is the maker of these panels for Apple, but this is a likely assumption, considering that the Asian giant is one of the only companies in the world that work with such technology.

via iDownloadBlog