Future Apple Watch could be faster and more water resistant

Future Apple Watch could be faster and more water resistant

Prepared for rumors to come Apple Watch? Well, they are here – although they are not as encouraging as some would like.

According to the world’s most famous analyst Apple, Ming-Chi Kuo (from TF International Securities), the watch that will be launched in 2020 will have a faster processor (that is, a better performance compared to the Series 4 and Series 5, which are basically the same in this regard), a greater water resistance (not that this is a problem today, but improving is always good) and enhanced wireless transmission (for faster Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity).

Kuo also said that Apple will start using liquid crystal polymer (LCP) on flexible circuit boards in the 2020 Apple Watch, which are expected to launch in the second half (as Apple has traditionally been doing). For comparison, current watch models use a material known as polyimide (PI). Dongshan Precision, Avary Holding and Flexium Interconnect would be the main suppliers of LCP, according to the analyst.

Let’s hope these are not the only new features of the “Apple Watch Series 6”, since it would be a very warm launch again. Everything suggests that we will have, at least, the arrival of an official and native sleep monitoring on the clocks – something expected for this year but that ended up not painting.

In addition, the watch is one of Apple’s products that is least affected by leaks – absolutely nothing about the Always On Retina Display, for example, it leaked before launch – so we can wait for unpublished news. Not to mention that there is still almost a full year to go before launch, of course …

via MacRumors | image: Anna Hoychuk / Shutterstock.com