Screenshot do app Futebol na Praça

Futebol na Praça app wants to democratize the traditional “peadas” in Rio

Hardly anyone imagined that, with the arrival of the App Store, we will have services / applications “solving so many problems” as now. If before it was necessary to go to the street to reach out to get a taxi or call a cooperative and hope that everything went as planned, now just open an app and request one.

As a group of five friends joined in celebration of 450 years of Rio de Janeiro to solve a problem "common" to Cariocas: inform users of football squares in an interactive way, allowing the traditional "peladas" to be organized / managed in a simple and easy way, through an app. And so the Football in the square.

Football in the square app icon

Using data from the city hall made available by the, the idea is to allow users to indicate which times they will attend the games, view the number of confirmed participants, the statistics of use of the fields (such as the most used times and the age range of people), among other things. To make all of this possible, the app makes use of Facebook in order to identify the user and create all of these reports based on profiles.

In each of the squares, the user can indicate the conditions of the place (if there is a field, if it has adequate lighting, etc.). The idea, here, that the person helps to improve the system. For now it is possible to score "naked" with teams of 10 players without limit of candidates for the schedules, so people can create the so-called "outside teams".

As many of you may imagine, it is clear that this app is not the only way to score a "soccer ball" in the various soccer fields spread across the Marvelous City. Many peladeiros they must mark these matches by other tools, such as Facebook, WhatsApp or even offline (with the good old conversation). But the idea of ​​the app is not to be the Holy Grail of Rio's “peadas”, but to allow anyone, of any nationality, to be able to play with someone without necessarily knowing them.

For the next versions of the application, the creators want to implement features such as making the number of participants configurable (matches with 5, 7, 10 or 11 players), indicating whether a certain place has adequate security, notifying when there are other users registering in the same schedule, if the “pelada” is full, do check in when arriving and marking the presence warning the other participants of the same time, create ranking of players, etc.

For now the app only covers the city of Rio de Janeiro, but the idea is to update it to serve all cities in Brazil seeking to integrate data with city halls and allowing the user, in addition to informing if the square has conditions for the practice of sport, indicate new locations and / or report whether a particular location is dangerous for tourists.

Cool, huh? Let other projects like this emerge in our cities!