Fusion Garage responds to lawsuit filed by Michael Arrington over JooJoo tablet

Fusion Garage responds to lawsuit filed by Michael Arrington over JooJoo tablet

Responsible for the manufacture of the JooJoo tablet (ex-CrunchPad), Fusion Garage responded yesterday to the lawsuit filed against it by Michael Arrington, editor of TechCrunch and former company partner in product development. The company reiterated that Arrington's accusations are unfounded, especially that it would not be able to sell the gadget.

TechCrunch CrunchPad

Fusion Garage claims it has received $ 3 million in funds for JooJoo's production, not to mention announcing a second series of foreign investments in the coming weeks. Furthermore, she insists that the design of her new product has nothing to do with the old design of the TechCrunch, while his manufacturing is controlled by another partner, without using any intellectual property of Pegatron, which was in charge of making the CrunchPad.

“Since our first statements about Joojoo, we have assumed the best intentions regarding Arrington and the TechCrunch. We believe that Arrignton's constant attempts, when trying to turn public opinion and members of the media against us, are sad manifestations of a person defending a lost cause ”, said Fusion Garage.

Although there are chances that the company did the wrong thing in getting people out of TechCrunch authored by the project, Michael Arrington has yet to prove his legal involvement in the development of JooJoo or CrunchPad, whatever. It remains to be seen how he will respond to the recent allegations made by Fusion Garage, which appears to be quite confident that it will not lose this cause.

(via Gizmodo)