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Further details on Apple's new monitor appear

All the attention of the technological world is focused on WWDCD19, which will introduce the new versions of Ma's major operating systems. Among all these software news, however, we expect to be introduced to at least one new, say, palpable product: a new one. professional monitor Apple (next to the new Mac Pro, but this other story).

O 9to5Mac published an article detailing various information from the likely monitor, based on findings made by the developer Guilherme Rambo and data shared by sources close to the subject. By the painted image, professional users have everything to be excited about the new prospects!

According to the report, the new monitor, known internally at Apple by code J290, will be endowed with several professional imaging technologies, many of which are already present on some of the company's product screens. We will have a DCI-P3 panel with HDR support, auto brightness feature, Night shift and technology True tone.

Perhaps more importantly, the monitor is expected to bring deep integration with macOS: Mac users will be able to tweak the panel deeply with native system tools, saving their preferences as presets and switching between them with a few clicks on the menu bar.

The presets, which include features such as maximum and minimum brightness, color space, white balance, Night shiftadjusting True tone And much more, they can also be saved for application on other company monitors, it should be noted.

No more, there is no information about physical characteristics of the display: it is speculated that it has a screen ultra wide 31.6 inches with 6K resolution (6240 × 2880 pixels), but the information has yet to be confirmed. We also do not know what the value of this joke will be, but we can expect professional equipment with equally professional price.