Fundação Vodafone, MAI and CML join forces to promote the Táxi Seguro system

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

An agreement for the extension of the Táxi Seguro system to transport vehicles licensed by the municipality of Lisbon was signed between the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI), the Lisbon City Council and the Vodafone Portugal Foundation.

The security system aims to protect taxi drivers from the threats they are subjected to on a daily basis and was developed by the Vodafone Foundation in partnership with MAI and PSP police authorities.

Within the scope of the agreement, the foundation under the supervision of the operator will offer two hundred taxis in the capital the value of the equipment to be installed in the vehicles, as well as the necessary training for all participating taxi drivers.

In turn, MAI and the Lisbon City Council share the purchase of equipment to be installed in the remaining taxis by 60 percent, with each owner being responsible for the payment of the remaining 139 euros (plus VAT) per equipment.

The Táxi Seguro system is supported by GSM and GPS technologies and allows security forces to detect the location of drivers from the moment they activate the alert system.

The solution also allows the authorities to hear the sound from inside the vehicle.

The platform had an investment of 650 thousand euros by the Vodafone Foundation and has been in operation since 2006 in more than a thousand vehicles in Lisbon and Porto.

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