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Function of recording calls coming soon to Android

Android 9.0, also known as Android P, already has a scheduled release date. Few features of the new system are known at the moment, but some information is being released in the press based on the source code of preliminary releases and also some traces left by Google itself. The news now is the function of recording links natively, which should appear when the new version arrives.

Google I / O starts on May 8th, May 10, 2018, California, and it will be during this event that Google will introduce Android 9.0 and most likely release its first beta. This does not mean that Android P is not being tested internally by developers, on the contrary, since last year the new OS has been in the hands of those who can contribute to optimizing it in every respect.

One of the first features we are aware of is the ability to record links natively. Many proprietary interfaces have this feature, which can also be used through third party apps. The big difference here is that this kind of feature would be within reach of users using simpler versions of Android, such as those running on Motorola smartphones, for example.

In any case, Android 9 should be a version focused on point optimizations.

So far, however, it is not clear how this function will work if it is available only for conventional voice calling, or then VoLTE and VoIP (Wi-Fi). In any case, Android 9 should be a version focused on point optimizations, and call recording is one of those features that should arrive in the style "better late than never".

Do you use this function in any way?

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