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Fujitsu Siemens Computers Portugal invoices 70 million euros in 2007

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Fujitsu Siemens Computers Portugal ended fiscal year 2007 with a turnover of 70 million euros. The result represents a growth of 31 percent compared to the previous year and benefits mainly from the revenues obtained in the area of ​​corporate customers, which stood at 45 million euros.

The services area was the second most important for the operation with a turnover of 20 million euros. Areas of servers and storage generated revenues of 3 and 2 million euros.

In a statement, the company highlights that the areas of large accounts and SMEs recorded strong growth, with the first allowing billing of 59 million euros and the second 11 million euros.

For fiscal year 2008, the company intends to maintain the pace of growth in the area of ​​corporate customers and to grow in double digits in the area of ​​servers, storage and services. To achieve this goal, it intends to reinforce its focus on the SME market.

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