Fujitsu prepares desktop with HD DVD and laptop with Blu-ray for June

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Fujitsu revealed that it will offer a PC from June desktop with support for the next generation Blu-ray video format and a laptop with support for the competing format, HD DVD. THE drive Blu-ray player and recorder will be incorporated into the desktop FMV-Deskpower TX95S / D and will guarantee support for discs with a capacity between 25 and 50GB, in a machine with a 37-inch LCD panel, 1GB of memory and a 600GB hard drive.

The notebook has an Intel Duo T2300 processor offering a memory of 1 GB and a hard disk of 320 GB. It has a 17-inch XGA + screen with 1400×900 pixels, less than the 1080 pixels allowed by the HD DVD format, which also at the level of display is limited in its capabilities.

The new Fujitsu models for now will only be marketed in Japan, without roadmap to other countries. THE desktop will cost $ 5064, while the laptop will cost $ 3380. With the launches the company intends to overcome probable gaps in the market, making products available to the segments that the promoters of the two formats left to the background.

For now, the new video formats are not available even on PC desktop nor on laptops, although HD DVD promoter Toshiba is scheduled to launch the first Qosmio with support for the technology in May. Sony, which promotes Blu-ray, says it has plans to move forward with the format on desktop PCs and notebooks but has yet to confirm specific dates for doing so.

With regard to video players, Toshiba started selling the first two models in the United States this month, while Samsung, a member of the consortium for the promotion of Blu-ray, confirmed last week that the first equipment to be marketed in United States will only be available at the end of June. Meanwhile the films that support the format are already ready to be commercialized, it was also known this week.

Fujitsu chose to remain neutral in the dispute for the standard for the next generation of video, staying out of the two competing consortia. As other companies have done, the manufacturer bets on both technologies, multiplying the diversity of its offer.

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