Fujitsu develops energy-efficient electronic paper

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Fujitsu is presenting at the Fujitsu 2005 Forum, in Japan, a flexible screen, capable of displaying color images and that can be used as electronic paper, with the advantage of consuming little energy.

The paper can be folded and pinched with your fingers without this implying any visual modification of the text or image, unlike what happens on liquid crystal displays, for example.

0.8 mm thick, the e-paper it is formed by three layers (blue, green and red) and has included a memory, which allows to record several «pages» on a single sheet.

The Japanese company believes that the e-paper is aimed at advertising campaigns in public places, such as train and metro stations, billboards, curved surfaces or information leaflets, due to their flexibility, weight and reduced electrical consumption.

«The information can be updated every day, allowing for more efficient campaigns,» said a company spokesman.

The search for an electronic format that replaces paper is one of the industry’s paradigms, but the advances have not been considered interesting enough to develop market offers.

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