Fuchsia – Check out the first images of the new Google operating system

Google has been working "secretly" on a new operating system for some time, but until then no one had seen what it looked like, whether it would look like Android, what visual concept it would apply, if it would be more like ChromeOS, in the end. Now curiosity will abate!

Fuchsia OS Google Interface

Now we already have more information about the new operating system that could be the future of Google, some time ago I had made a video to talk about it:

We now know that "Fuchsia", as it is now known, is probably just the code name of the project, it is possible that when it reaches the market it will receive another name. Fuchsia is not based on Linux like Android and ChromeOS, it uses a Kernel based on LK called Magenta, which is also open source.

Not only will the base of the system be different from the current Android, but the interface too, check out some images of "Armadillo", the new interface from Google:

Armadillo UI Fuchsia Armadillo UI Fuchsia Armadillo UI Fuchsia Armadillo UI Fuchsia Google appears to be using the Flutter SDK to develop the new interface, an SDK that allows apps to be created for Android and iOS using the same source code, thanks to that, the ARS Technica people managed create an APK to test the Armadillo Shell on Android, particularly I couldn't get it to work. Armadillo Keyboard

The interface has great support for screens of different sizes and resolutions, which points to its convergence objectivity, using Flutter can make Fuchsia compatible with Android Apps too, through a "simple" new compilation.

Stay tuned here on the blog, as soon as we have more news about the system you will know.

See you next time!

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