Intel's profits grow 875% (!) In the fourth quarter of 2009, breaking yet another record in sales

FTC sues Intel for anti-competitive practices

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced today in the United States the opening of a lawsuit against Intel, accusing the chip maker of using "its dominant position in the market over the past decade to stifle competition and increase its monopoly". Since the beginning of the month, she has been closely investigating Intel's dispute with NVIDIA.

For the FTC, Intel acts to suppress competitors, limiting or making it difficult for them to enter the market. Thus, it harms consumers, who are left with no choice and constant innovations in the segment.

In response to the lawsuit, Intel claims to compete fairly and legally, providing a lot of innovation and working to bring the price of components down "faster than any other industry," she said.

Since the beginning of 2007, Apple has only used Intel processors in its line of Mac computers, after abandoning a long-term partnership with IBM and its PowerPC chips.