FSF asks for reflection before migrating to Windows 7

FSF asks for reflection before migrating to Windows 7

As it has done with previous versions of the Microsoft operating system, the Free Software Foundation is running an awareness campaign taking advantage of the launch of Windows 7. The targets are 500 organizations linked to charity, including non-governmental organizations.

In the communication, these bodies are asked to take advantage of the launch of Vista’s successor to analyze their options in terms of software. Reviewing the use of Windows and evaluating the results of open source installations are the proposals of the free software organization.

The idea is to keep the theme alive until the end of the year, with other campaign actions. This is not the first, as Peter Brown, the foundation’s director, explained to The Register.

The first action took place last month with the sending of 499 letters to as many American companies, chosen from the Fortune 500 list, due to their size. The appeal was identical: take advantage of the transition to Windows 7 to consider the open source alternatives on the market.

Letters are also a way of soliciting support from organizations that receive them in the form of donations, which will be used to follow up the campaign.

The FSF’s next targets will be education leaders, an area where the organization argues that tools should be open and user-controllable.