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Fruit Ninja Free | AndroidPIT

About six months ago or so, our app review column was especially dedicated to Fruit Ninja. The game is tremendously successful in the world of mobile devices and fits well on both smartphones and tablets. The big news about this review is that developers, in the meantime, decided to release a free version: Fruit Ninja Free. It is a teaser for those who have not yet succumbed to the temptation to play the paid version. Read our review today and learn more about the differences between the paid version and the free version of Fruit Ninja.

Functions & Usage

What are the differences between the paid version of Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja Free? If we are very direct and objective, we will say that there is no big news in the free version. The difference lies in the fact that the latter must arouse more restrained demands from the user, as it has limits that the version does not present. This does not make Fruit Ninja Free less interesting, by the way. On the contrary, the game is still fun as always.

The principle of the game remains the same: provoke a fruit carnage. His fingers become super sharp knives ready to destroy fruit. But be sure to keep your fingers away from the bombs that mix with the fruits that are thrown in the air and appear on your smartphone screen. There are only three game modes: classic, arcade and zen.

In classic mode, you'll have to cut fruits, dodge bombs and prevent fruits from disappearing intact from the screen. Of course some may fall, but if you get third, the game is over. Arcade mode is a fight against time: in sixty seconds you will have to score as many points as possible. And finally, Zen mode which seems to draw the least attention from players. In it, your mission will be to make a fruit salad. We moved from Kill Bill modes to this friendlier Top Chef mode.

The downsides to mention: Carrots no longer exist for this version and the game does not arouse great long-term motivation. It's interesting to play while waiting for a bus or being inside the subway, but it's not as addictive as other games. Too bad the app doesn't come with an online multiplayer option. Finally, it is worth remembering that match scores can be shared on OpenFeint and there are chances of winning rewards.

Conclusion:Fruit Ninja Free is a great pastime and much more a teaser to seduce those who don't believe in paid version gameplay. Some say the developers are already working on an update. However, nothing is confirmed so far.

Screen & Controls

The graphics of Fruit Ninja Free are amazing and the tablet version was also very well designed. Of course, as it is a free version, there is no way to compare the resolution quality of this with the paid version. In our view, this does not disturb the game at all.

Speed ​​& Stability

Fruit Ninja Free worked very well during our tests on an HTC X.

Price / Performance Ratio

Fruit Ninja Free is free to download and can be downloaded from our App Center. In fact, we do not fail to recommend the paid version, because the game is very interesting.