From obligation to passion, Marcio’s story with Linux


Everyone has a good story to tell, I already convinced myself of that. We received many emails here at Diolinux from readers telling their stories, and do you know what is the most curious factor? They are very familiar! A lot of the situations I went through during my professional journey, and I’m sure you will too! See stories like Marcio’s motivate you and see that there are often evils that come for good, check out:

The text you will read below was written by Marcio Stella Rosso, his opinions do not necessarily represent the blog’s opinion on any topic addressed.

“Hello Dionatan, how are you?

Like others, I’m also a regular reader of your blog. For seeing so many others telling their stories about the link with LINUX, I decided to tell my own to collaborate and show the “fearful” that the LINUX it can be better and more interesting than Windows.


My name is Márcio Rosso, I am a civil servant in the Municipality of Nova Palma – RS,

in the technology industry for 15 years. I have technical training in computer science for 20 years at the technical school of the Federal University of Santa Maria – RS (UFSM).

My story with LINUX is as follows:

I had heard a lot about “LINUX”. But I never had any real interest until 2010, when I was relocated from the sector and became the monitor and coordinator of the Nova Palma community telecentre.

When I arrived at the Telecentre I came across a system called “Metasys Server” on the server and “Metasys Client” on the 20 machines of the Telecentre. At first I was scared: “My God, what is this? How does it work?». I immediately thought: «I’m going to format everything and install Windows 2003 on the Server and XP on the machines!», Because that’s what I learned and I was used to working.

But, to complicate matters, I was informed that I could not change the system because the Ministry of Communications made a free soft contract with the City Hall, and therefore, only LINUX could be used at the telecentre (“To Ferrado!”). So I decided to learn more about LINUX, especially about Metasys, which at the time (2010) was in version 2.2 (today it is discontinued). It was a system based on Red Hat, a mix of Mandriva and Fedora with KDE 2.

So … A fantastic system! The machines logged into the server with user registration (previously defined) and with internet access control and login time control (Squid), file sharing and user registration (Samba), DHCP and DNS server for the local network and with a system that only LINUX has, which erases all user data at logon. «Was all I wanted!!» Why hadn’t I discovered this before ?? What a thing !! ”. Today I use Debian 8 on the server and Mint 17.3 on the machines and teach computer courses in various areas with Linux without the slightest problem. Since basic computer course (beginners and 3rd age), intermediate (for those coming from Windows) and advanced course, for those who want to go to college of Informatics already with some preparation in the subject needs for the company in which he works. In addition to courses in the graphics area (GIMP) and in the Office area (Writer, Calc and Impress).

In short… I fell in love with LINUX in a way, that today I can only use LINUX in

work and leisure. And so, a message goes to all the “fearful” of the area: “LINUX is better, faster, safer, more stable, more reliable and, best of all, FREE!”. And the news

Today’s distros like Manjaro, Mint, DuZeru, Metamorphose, elementary OS and others,

wish nothing for Windows in beauty and practicality.

Of course, we can’t get rid of Windows so much because of the history it brings with it. But it’s quite true

that in terms of cooperativism and community, Windows has nothing, because Microsoft only aims at profit. So, Long live LINUX! And thanks to Linus Torvalds, Richard Stalmamm and all those who worked hard to make Linux come to us today, with freedom, elegance and dynamism. And we will encourage and collaborate with what we can so that Brazilian distros do not have the same end as Kurumim, if it is not technically, we will help with a little money so that developers can continue to keep the focus as a form of incentive.

Thanks Dionatan for the space, a hug to everyone! ”

Blog note

I want to thank Marcio for his participation, telling his story and exposing his opinion. And you, our reader; if you liked Márcio’s testimony check out the previous chapters with the story of many other people, just click here, and if you want to send your story to us too, you will be very welcome! Contact by email.

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