From Microsoft employee to Linux user


We will once again make room for our audience to tell their stories. This time who will tell his experience with Linux is our reader Diego Amorin, it is a very interesting testimony because he came to work at Microsoft and now uses Linux distributions as his standard operating system, check it out.

The text below was produced by our reader, Diego Amorin, and does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Diolinux blog on any topic addressed.

“Hello Dio! I’m from Manaus / AM.

I always see testimonials from new users and I would also like to leave my experience and impressions of the GNU / Linux world.

Well … I was always a fan of technology and like most people, I started my contact with the computer world with Windows. I spent 8 years using the system, and I loved to learn everything possible; all the programs were incredible and I was always “modifying it” to make it as round as possible.

In 2014 I was invited to work in the Mobile division of Microsoft, as a retail sales representative in the city. I spent a period of 1 year there and the whole month I received a whole day of training presenting news of the system and products of the company. So far everything was fine, I was a Windows 7 user and paid for an annual Office license and an antivirus license. The problem is that the crisis arrived and Microsoft announced the restructuring worldwide, the project ended in my city: I was unemployed.

Then the question came: I can no longer pay for the Office license or the antivirus, how can I do college things? The licenses expired and I started looking for alternatives to the products of the Redmond giant, (cracking everything was out of the question). So I thought: I’m going to open Google and throw “everything about Linux” there and start to explore this other universe.

The first blog that appeared was yours. That’s when the love story started (with Linux rs). I read dozens of articles on your blog and spent a few days testing dozens of distributions. The first was (unsurprisingly) Mint. Then I went to openSUSE, Ubuntu, Fedora, elementary, etc. and etc. It turned out that the one that most pleased and met the needs was Ubuntu itself.

I arrived full of bad paradigms regarding Linux and the main programs. But even so I decided to stay only with Linux on the SSD, without dual boot with Windows. I confess that I had several moments of outbreaks with things that I didn’t know how to do, and that I did and didn’t work, I broke the system a few times (lol) and redid it all day after day.

But the interesting part of the story is that… Linux is sensational, and I only realized how badly it had usability before, after I started really giving it a chance to use a distribution in my day-to-day life without dual boot.

I liked several distributions and I am surprised every day with the giant differences between Windows and Linux, especially with regard to usability and the possibility of customizing things so that the system looks like us.

I don’t pay for licenses anymore, I don’t install drivers, I don’t do “30 steps to optimize the system”, I don’t do endless scans looking for malware, I don’t install essential apps after installing the system – because it’s already polished — open source apps are incredible and don’t fall behind those popular Windows.

And finally, the day before yesterday I did a dual boot with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 15.10 just to better assess the differences in usability, and I confess that when asked today I answer without hesitation: I am satisfied with Linux and do not intend to change.

I’ve only been in this for 5 months, and those few months were enough to open my eyes and surprise me with the penguin world.

I can’t help but thank you for the site. This work really helps people and I am a proof of that. I am a frequent reader of Diolinux and I support the project!

A hug and thanks! ”

Blog note

I would like to thank Diego for sharing his story with us, it’s good to know that we were able to help you in some way.

In addition, I would like to emphasize how inspiring Diego Amorin’s story can be for other people, so that they can start exploring new things, even after they have tried Windows or Mac, since Linux is as accessible as it is, it is simply ignorance not to test it at least.

If you have a story similar (or not) to Diego and you want to tell our readers about your experience with Linux, get in touch with us, we would love to know your story.

To the next!