From iOS to Windows: Microsoft launches beta version of tool to port apps

From iOS to Windows: Microsoft launches beta version of tool to port apps

We recently reported that the Microsoft presented some tools that facilitate porting iOS / Android apps to Windows 10. In the case of iOS apps, developers will be able to take advantage of much of the original Objective-C code (that is, Swift does not enter the cake at least for now) using the new tools and adapting them to run natively on the Microsoft operating system. .

This tool is now available in beta.

Porting apps to Windows 10

Getting started with Windows is easier than you think. If you are currently creating for the web, other mobile platforms or creating a desktop application for Windows, we want to help you bring your experience to the Windows (mobile) platform.

Developers for Apple's mobile operating system can use the Windows Bridge for iOS, creating a UWP app (Universal Windows Platform, or Universal Windows Platform) in Visual Studio 2015 using the existing Objective-C code. All Xcode projects can be imported into Visual Studio, adapted to run on different Windows device families and even extend the iOS code, taking advantage of the UWP's capabilities.

Obviously, the beta makes it clear that everything is still in the development process and that Microsoft still has a lot of work ahead of it. But if you are a developer and are interested in porting your iOS and Android apps to Windows in a “simple and easy” way, this is a good opportunity.

More information on the subject can be found in this article; for those interested, the documentation and codes are on GitHub.

Who knows, maybe the main problem of Microsoft in the mobile world (the offer of apps) will not be solved once and for all

(via TechCrunch)