From dinosaur to Pac-Man: How to find 15 hidden games from Google

Google has several games hidden in different places that not everyone knows about. When the user is out of internet on Chrome, for example, comes T-Rex Running, better known as "the dinosaur".

There are also games that appear as a result of searches in the search engine. Others have been created specifically to celebrate specific dates, such as Google Doodles.

AppGeek explains how to find Google's top hidden games and spend time on PC and mobile having fun for free. Check out!

Offline games

1. T-Rex Running (Dinosaur)

Google T-Rex Running Games

T-Rex Running, or dinosaur game, is perhaps the most famous of Google's games. The joke comes up in Google Chrome only when the device has no internet connection. It is a way of making the user less upset about the situation and at the same time entertaining him until the problem is resolved.

To get started, simply press the space key or touch the dinosaur on the phone. From then on, the tyrannosaurus starts a horizontal race. To escape obstacles on the way, I need to press the space key again or touch the smartphone screen.

Although it appears spontaneously only when the user is offline, there is a trick that allows you to access the game even with the internet. Just type chrome: // dino in the Chrome navigation bar for PC or mobile.

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The games listed below can be found easily by typing their names in the Google search bar. Games are displayed at the top of the results most of the time. Check out!

2. Patience

Google Pacincia Games

Enter the word Patience on Google search to gain access to the online game. Comes Play and choose the difficulty level: easy or hard.

With a beautiful interface, but simple, has only a few features. You can cancel a move or start a new game. In the top menu, the starting time, the number of moves and the score are displayed.

A tip: When you double click on a card that can be placed on a cake, the system automatically puts it in place.

3. Tic-tac-toe

Google Games Tic Tac Toe

Again, just type the term Hash in the search bar to find the hidden game.

At the top, choose the difficulty level of the game: Easy, Medium, Impossible and Play against a friend. If you decide on the latter option, the friend must be by your side, as in the paper version, since the gameplay is not online.

Then indicate whether to be represented by the symbols of X or THEby clicking on one of them. The computer inform whose turn. Click on the squares you want to include your icons in, remembering that the moves are alternating.

And that vena the best!

4. Pac-Man

Google Pac Man Games

The classic, also known as eater-eater, is hidden in Google searches. As you type Pac Man, the game comes at the top of the results. click in Play to give different start.

Here, your goal is to devour the tablets without meeting the ghosts that chase you through the mazes. To move the character on the computer, just use the arrow keys. On your phone, drag your finger in the direction you want it to go.

All in all, the user has three lives to eat everything and overcome his pursuers.

5. Snake Game

Snake snake game Google Games

You can miss the game that dominated mobile phones in the early 2000s in Google searches. When writing snake game or snake In the search, you will find it in the results.

So, go on Play and on the computer, use the arrow keys to guide the snake. On your smartphone, drag your finger across the screen to indicate the direction.

Your goal is to feed the snake without hitting the edges of the game. Remember that with each apple ingested, the animal grows and its length also becomes an obstacle, since it can hit itself.

6. Atari Breakout

Google Atari Breakout Games

Another classic hidden in Google (however only in the desktop version). In this case, the term Atari Breakout should be sought when searching for tool images.

At first it seems that the result will be displayed like any other. Until the photos begin to move and form the game. the mouse pointer that controls the bottom bar that keeps the ball in play.

It is possible to lose the ball up to 4 times before losing or winning the match.

7. Minesweeper

google minefield games

type it minefield or minesweeper in the Google search bar to find the game. Then go on Play to start the challenge. You can choose game levels: easy, medium or hard.

Then just touch a part of the screen to get started. Your goal is to click on the squares without detonating the territory bombs. The numbers that appear indicate how many explosives there are in the adjacent squares.

That is, I need to think coldly about your movements before making any decisions. One bomb detonates all the others.

Google Doodle Hidden Games

Google's Doodle is a tribute the company makes on commemorative dates. In general, your logo is transformed into a special theme, which can be a cartoon, video or games.

Interactive games often become quite popular. Virtual games can range from magic cube simulation or an adventure to finding love on Valentine's Day.

Most of them can be found on the Google Doodles page. Check out:

8. Football

Google Football Games

Created in 2012, this Football Doodle is still very popular. In it, the user participates as a goalkeeper in a penalty shootout. To move the character around the goal, you need to move the side arrows.

To make it jump, just use the spacebar or up arrow key. The more goals defended, the longer the game lasts.

9. Celebration of Garden Gnomes

To celebrate Garden Day in Germany on June 10, Google created a game with gnomes. In the country, it is common to see statues of these creatures adorning the lawns. Legend has it that they bring protection and good luck.

In the game, your goal is to throw the little creatures as far as you can. Both catapult movement and pitching are activated by pressing the space key.

The important thing to play at the right time. If it is too early or too late, the doll does not take enough momentum to get far.

10. Program for children

Google has created a game especially to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first time children were introduced to programming language. As could not be otherwise, the game teaches, in a playful way, the first steps of the process.

The protagonist is a bunny and, in order for him to get the carrots, the player must use code blocks. It is necessary to assemble the correct track so that the animal has access to its favorite vegetable.

With each phase, the difficulty level increases, with repeated turns and movements. And, for each action, there are specific code blocks that must be used to perform the correct commands. Fun and educational!

11. Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day 2017, the company developed a game dedicated to lovers. The protagonists are scaly pangolins or anteaters, the only scaled mammals in the world. The idea was to draw attention to the traffic of these animals.

In the game, the characters must escape obstacles, collect objects and flowers, among other challenges. But in the end, the victory is to discover that more important than dances, desserts and gifts is the time they spend with each other.

12. Magic cube

Magic cubes can be quite addictive. Especially if they are available at any time, in 3D, on your computer or mobile screen. In 2014, the company created a very realistic virtual version of the puzzle that could make anyone lose long minutes.

To play, simply drag your finger or mouse according to the desired movement. Only three faces of the cube are displayed at the same time, but the user can rotate it to 360 to view and move the others.

13. Magic Cat Academy

For Halloween 2016, Google created the Magic Cat Academy. The game, which has a magic cat as its protagonist, takes place in a witchcraft school and has five stages.

To win each stage, the player must end the ghosts surrounding the feline. To do this, they must draw on the screen the symbols that enemies carry on their heads.

It can be just one or a sequence of designs to annihilate rivals. So think fast not to be beaten!


14. Quick Draw

More than a game, Quick Draw is an experiment created by Google. Therefore it does not fall into either of the two categories listed above.

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Using Artificial Intelligence, the tool seeks to learn from the doodles made by the user. And predict what, in fact, he wants to draw. According to the company, the rene platform is the largest drawing database in the world, and by testing it, you help expand this network.

To use, just go to the site and click Let's draw. Then the system has a scribble object within a certain time frame. It could be, for example, a laptop in 20 seconds.

You will have six rounds to try to make the machine understand your doodles.

15. Google Feud

Google Feud

The second honorable mention goes to the only title on the list that was not developed by Google, but is based on the data generated by the search engine. To play, you must have some knowledge of English.

Visit the Google Feud page and choose a category of questions. It can be culture, people, names or questions. So a question pops up on the screen. The user has four chances to hit the 10 most searched terms related to it.

It may sound silly, but in reality the game is quite addictive!

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