Frog with personalized health service

تقوم الأرض "بإطلاق الغازات" باتجاه القمر كل شهر

Allergies, vaccination plans, symptoms and health parameters can now be registered easily and free of charge at Meu Sapo Saúde, a service launched today that has the support of the Portugal Telecom Foundation and the partnership of the National School of Public Health (ENSP ).

The growing interest of users in online health issues, and the increase in web searches, are two of the factors highlighted by Óscar Vieira, Chief Executive Officer of the Portugal Telecom Foundation. «We are strongly convinced that in the long term we will be making an enormous contribution to the increase in health literacy», he said during the press conference presenting the service.

In addition to the registration of health information, and even the possibility of uploading relevant medical information, such as medical examinations, the service can serve as a bridge with the family doctor, if the user chooses to allow him access.

This sharing of information and communication with the health services is one of the areas that the promoters of the project want to guarantee, but that also works directly with the data of the Health portal, where useful information for the management of care is made available.

Linked to the Sapo Saúde portal, the service offers guarantees of security, privacy and confidentiality, as explained by Óscar Vieira. «We were extremely concerned with guaranteeing data security, privacy and confidentiality. PT is in itself a guarantee that the tool was made to protect all these aspects», he underlined

The evolution of this version is also guaranteed, with plans being made available on mobile platforms and even on television, through Meo.