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Frog shows new advertising system for mobile phones

Frog shows new advertising system for mobile phones

Sapo launched a new ad system for mobile phones that is being tried by 10 advertisers but that could be massified very soon, said to Diário Económico João Paulo Luz, commercial director of Sapo.

The potential for using the mobile platform in advertising management is enormous and the system now developed by Sapo is less intrusive than the SMS and MMS that are already being used by many advertisers. According to the newspaper, this system consists of the presentation of banners on the screen of mobile phones, which can reach a potential universe of 2 million consumers.

Sapo manages advertising on the mobile portals of TMN, Vodafone and Sapo Mobile and has made a package available to 10 advertisers who are reacting in an “enthusiastic” way, as the newspaper writes. Ford is an advertisers involved in this first stage.

Sapo’s commercial director told Diário Económico that mobile advertising will play an important role among the media because it has a tremendous margin for progression.