Frog renews homepage

Frog renews homepage

(Updated) From today Sapo has a new home page. The preliminary version of the new page received around 200 thousand hits during the three weeks of testing, a period that also served to collect opinions from users.

«The changes that are taking place today in home page, such as the highlights of editorial content and a freer graphic design, in order to let the page breathe a little more, are two good examples of the opinions of our users, which were expressed in usability tests «, told TeK source do Sapo.

The change in image reflects a focus on news content and usability, simplifying access to large thematic areas and introducing a tool that allows content published on Twitter to be included in search results.

Those who navigate to will find a more «clean» interface, with greater emphasis on content such as entertainment, the community and areas such as the Economy, Sport, Life and Technology.

As TeK reported when the beta version of the page was launched, the changes are the result of a project started a year ago that involved usability studies, surveys and tests with different groups of users using equipment eye-tracking, for example.

The Portuguese portal has been in existence for 14 years and registers around 900 thousand daily users and 500 million pageviews monthly.

Editorial Note: The news was updated with statements collected from Sapo.