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Fring app update makes it possible to make video calls via iPhone and iPod touch

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Two weeks ago, the Fring (more details here) announced support for video calls on Nokia devices and it was expected that this feature would also come to the version iPhone OS. It didn’t take long, because this morning an update appeared on the App Store with the big news: the possibility of making video calls on iPhone or iPod touch.

IPhone video calls

But don’t expect any miracles. Video communication only works if you are talking to someone using Skype on a computer, or using Fring on a Nokia, because the lack of a front camera on the iPhone does not allow you to send video images from the device. That is, you can see your interlocutor, but he cannot see you. For the same reason, calls from iPhone to iPhone do not have video.

IPhone-to-iPhone calls without video No MSN for now

MSN for Windows also has video calling functionality, but Fring is not currently compatible with them, which should change in a future update.

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THE Fring can be updated for free through the App Store on iTunes or directly on the device. For those who have not yet installed it, it is also free on this link.