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Friendship apps – 7 tips for meeting people!

Thinking of meeting more people and making new friends? Your phone can be a great ally. s download friendship apps and start interacting with potential new friends.

Below we list the 7 best friendship apps, presenting their advantages and disadvantages. Check it out, pick your favorites, and download them from your smartphone's app store.

Friendship Apps

1. Patook

One of Patook's main differentials is the exclusive friendship app. The tool can identify who is flirting and automatically blocks the user.

The app connects people with similar tastes and calculates profile compatibility, which prevents the user from having to choose new friends only when viewing candidate photos.

The disadvantage of the app is its interface, which is a bit confusing, which can make it difficult to use the tool at first. Once the user gets used to the application, this problem is overcome.

2. Badoo

THE Badoo It works like a social media that brings people together based on proximity. That is, they are people who are geographically close, have common affinities, but do not know each other yet.

The app has specific advantages: zero advertising, clean interface, lets you know who viewed your profile, and provides a verified profile feature that maximizes in-app security (if you want, d to chat only with people who have a verified profile, minimizing the risk of scams).

In the list of disadvantages is a main one: usability. Anyone who has no experience using this type of application may take a while to get used to the functions of the app and make full use of them.

3. MeetMe

MeetMe is an app with a similar Badoo proposition to bring geographically close people together with similar tastes, but they don't know each other yet.

On MeetMe, the user can check user profiles, view feeds, add friends, like photos, and comment on them, and can better interact with them.

The downside is the app's performance, which features slow loading of information for some functions, plus the need to buy packages to make your profile stand out or to become popular and attract more people.

Learning english

4. Twoo

Twoo is an app that unites people considering similar tastes. In addition, the user can also search for profiles that suit their desire using the app's search tool and filters.

One of Twoo's differentials is that it is not just for friendship: if an interest arises in someone who can continue the conversation and even make an appointment.

Its disadvantage is that it allows you to receive messages from unwanted profiles, has no integration with other apps and some application functions are available in the paid plan only.

5. Tandem

The main advantage of Tandem is that the app combines two proposals: make friends and practice new languages ​​directly with native speakers. When creating your profile, the user informs personal data and which languages ​​you speak and would like to train.

Then only connect with people from other countries who speak the language that you are interested in learning or improving knowledge. The app also allows you to send audio and video chat.

The disadvantages of Tandem are the need to approve the profile to use the app, which may take a while, plus extra paid functions (can be purchased directly from the app).

6. Bottled

Bottled enables you to make friends with people from other countries, helping to train your foreign language skills. The main advantage of the app is its dynamics: you throw a bottle into the sea with a message.

If a user reads and is interested in the story, they can start a conversation with you. The app also has extra functions, such as quizzes to test knowledge.

The disadvantage of the app is that not all profiles are scanned, which increases the chance of encountering some malicious trying to scam. In addition, some functions of the app are paid for.

Friendship Apps

7. Slowly

Slowly has already won Google's Best Social Advancement award in 2018. It's an app that lets you find friends by sending letters to users. These postcards can be long and take a long time to reach users, recalling the old experience of sending mail. Its only disadvantage is that it offers extra paid features.