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Friends embark on adventure to recreate macOS Catalina wallpaper

A few months ago, we talked about the three friends' busy journey through various places in California with a very specific objective: to recreate, as faithfully as possible, the wallpapers from all recent versions of macOS. The mission was a success, but one miss was noticeably missed: the recreation of the latest Mac OS operating system wallpaper, the macOS Catalina (which, at the time, was still in the testing phase).

For the intrepid trio of photographers Andrew Levitt, Jacob Phillips and Taylor Gray did not plead: in a new adventure, they set out for the Santa Catalina Islandon the California coast to capture an image similar to the system default wallpaper. The journey, of course, was fully documented in video.

The challenge to recreate Catalina's wallpaper was greater than the other systems, because, well, we're not talking about an image taken from the ground level with a camera pointing to a landscape, but an area photograph taken from above. of the Pacific Ocean. The fact that the photograph was from the most remote area of ​​the island, at its northern tip, did not help either.

None of this was enough to stop the trio: they took the ferry to the island and made an eight-hour trail to its far north, where they managed to drift the strong wind to drop a drone in the air and capture an almost identical Apple image.

The work was really spectacular and there was another dose of emotion back when a police officer approached the photographers and informed that it was forbidden to make trails in that place at night. Fortunately, the trio received no fines or anything, and the policeman still took them back to the populated part of Santa Catalina.

Amazing, isn't it?

via MacRumors