Friday at Apple Arcade with the relaxing adventure The Lullaby of Life

The Lullaby of Life, disponĂ­vel no Apple Arcade

Today is Friday, what day? New game day on Apple Arcade, of course! Who came to the Apple gaming platform today was the adventure The Lullaby of Life, from the developer 1 Simple Game.

The purpose of the game is to bring a calm and relaxing experience for users. The mechanics puts you in control of BomBo, a “musical creature from the depths of the universe that is capable of playing musical notes”; from there, you need to travel through galaxies giving the right soundtrack to every corner of the universe.

We are happy to finally be able to share our new creation. ?? The Lullaby of Life! ?? The calm and immersive atmosphere is ideal for relaxing. Only available on @AppleArcade! ?

The title combines agility with dexterity, but without ever causing stress to the player: the idea is that each one will advance in the levels at their own time, enjoying the musical creations (the developers recommend the use of headphones, even) and the beautiful visuals created at each level. The game does not contain any textual elements, to reinforce this minimalist aura.

The Lullaby of Life has versions for iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs and Macs – and is now available on Apple Arcade, which, as you know, costs R $ 10 monthly and brings more than 100 games without ads or internal purchases. Good fun! Or rather… good relaxation. ?