Frequently asked question: is it possible to recharge the iPhone battery with the iPad source?

Despite being externally identical, the iPad and iPhone wall charger (officially called USB Power Adapter), are different in their power: while the iPad charger is 10W, the iPhone / iPod is 5W. That’s because the iPad has a much larger battery and therefore needs more energy to power it.

But the question that many ask themselves is: can I charge the iPhone / iPod with the iPad source, without problems?

The answer is yes. ?

The power difference only influences the amount of energy the device will receive. If one iPhone is connected to a source of 10W of the iPad, it will use the maximum power of the device (which is greater than 5W) and charge faster. The reverse is also true: if you try to load the iPad with the source of an iPhone or iPod, it will load without problems, but more slowly (equivalent to connecting to a USB 2.0 port on the computer).

Apple officially states that it is possible to recharge all models iPhone and iPod with the source of the iPad, although the product data sheet in the Apple Store Online indicates only compatibility with the iPhone 4. Theoretically, what counts is the first statement (compatible with all).

So you can connect your iPhone without fear to the source of the iPad. It will load faster and you won’t have to carry both sources with you. The ideal is to buy an extra font to leave at work, for example. ?