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French piracy law goes on vacation without definitive yes

French piracy law goes on vacation without definitive yes

After being reviewed and approved by the upper house, French legislation that will implement a new legal framework in the country against piracy and copyright infringements, did not have the final approval that was expected today.

The decision to postpone legislation to September that President Sarkozy discussed and dealt with as a matter of urgency was made by the Government, which passed the decision to an extraordinary date to be defined after the parliamentary vacation due to lack of time for deputies to analyze the nearly 900 amendments that resulted from the revision of the initial legislative proposal.

A new date was still proposed for the next few days, but the possibility was left without effect, so that the diploma would not be voted on again without a quorum, as it happened at the beginning of the process.

The renewed proposal for a French law against piracy drops the powers granted to Hadopi to decide to cut Internet access to users who were caught «to pirate» three times in a row and defines a new configuration of penalties depending on the seriousness of the crime, decisions are now always passed by a judge.