French Parliament adopts Linux as operating system

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The French Parliament has announced that it will switch from operating system, switching from Windows to software Linux. In this way, more than 1,100 workstations in Parliament will start using the system open-source and other open source applications such as suite OpenOffice, the browser Firefox and other free applications.

Despite the fact that many workers are faced with an operating system and applications that they have never used, Parliament’s project remains unchanged and there is no indication that the decision will be reversed.

The French project is supported by a study carried out by Atos Origin, whose conclusions managed to convince the French National Assembly.

Cited by C | net, the French Parliament states that the analysis showed that the use of open-source software, adapted to the needs of its members, «will allow cost savings despite the costs associated with migration and training» for users.

Supporters of software open source have already shown their satisfaction with the decision, which, according to experts, will allow the French parliament greater control over information technology systems without relying on third-party technical support, which will allow «better use of public funds».

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