French operators may be limiting traffic on hosting sites

PS تتحرك إلى الأمام مع اقتراح لتعزيز حق المؤلف

Megaupload has publicly accused France Telecom of limiting traffic to its website. The controversy arises when recent statistics show that the French are abandoning P2P systems in favor of hosting sites, with the intention of avoiding the consequences of the Hadopi law and penalizing the download copyrighted files.

According to the international press, on the 12th and 13th of January, the operator’s customers who tried to connect to Megaupload were «contemplated» with a warning that warned of the slow service due to traffic restrictions.

«The statistics of our services regarding complaints show that the majority of users who have reported problems have access to the Internet via France Telecom, namely through the Orange brand», refer those responsible for Megaupload.

The French operator has already responded to the accusations, which it describes as defamatory, and threatens with legal action.

France Telecom refers the problems to Megaupload’s own infrastructure, namely to the type of contract between the accommodation service and its traffic providers, which will have been established under a low-cost business model, he suggests. «Megaupload was the one who chose them and it is they who must modify the agreements to ensure the good conditions of using their service».

Data from a recent ComScore study showed that the number of visits to Megaupload had grown 35 percent in France over the past year, and that the site would have added 7.4 million users last November. To give you an idea, in 2008 the monthly average of the site was 350 thousand visitors.

Megaupload’s growth data suggests that the habits of French Internet users are changing with the entry into force of Hadopi, but only in relation to the type of resources used to achieve the desired content.