French operator guarantees unlimited and legal downloads of Universal’s music catalog

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French operator Neuf Cegetel today announced its subscribers to the service triple play that they will be able to download the Universal music catalog unlimitedly. In a statement, the company explains that it is the «first and only Internet access provider that offers a legal and unlimited download solution» to ADSL customers.

The operator’s offer consists of an ADSL access package, fixed telephony – with unlimited calls to the French fixed network and more than 50 destinations worldwide – and television, for 29.90 euros. Customers of this solution will, from now on, have unlimited access to one of the nine genres of music offered by the catalog or, for an additional 4.99 euros per month, have access to all the musical titles in the Universal Music catalog and the artists’ video clips. connected to the publisher.

To avoid illegal copying of files, music titles will be protected with DRM and subject to a monthly rights renewal. For users to renew their licenses, they must connect computers or CD players once a month to the Internet, the operator said. Each customer will be entitled to download the files to three properly equipped computers, MP3 players or mobile phones compatible with the Windows DRM system.

The two companies, both owned by Vivendi, sealed a six-month partnership. The remaining French operators have already begun to question whether this strategy constituted a violation of competition laws.

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