French lead European preferences for WebTv

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The French are ahead of the British, Germans, Italians and Spaniards with regard to preferences for WebTV. According to a study by StrategyOne, released by Motorola, it is in France that there is the highest percentage of European users who prefer to use the Internet to watch their favorite television programs and thus stop submitting to the programming grid defined by the operators of television.

The study indicates that 59 percent of French people opt for this modality of access to television content. Among the countries analyzed, it is in Germany that the Web is less used to access television content, being an option for only 33 percent of respondents.

Looking at the whole of Europe, the study that surveyed 2500 people argues that 45 percent of television viewers already watch television online. Along with the new functions for the PC, the document discusses the new functions of television sets, which for now involve the connection of consoles or digital cameras, but which will eventually undergo more complex applications.

One of the new TV features covered by the study is the possibility of supporting video calls, a task that 45 percent of respondents see themselves performing in 2012.

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