French fear no anti-piracy law

French fear no anti-piracy law

The approach of the entry into force of new legislation to combat Internet piracy and illegal music download does not seem to be frightening the French.

Between September and December of last year, when the final version of the new law that arrives on the ground next spring was defined and approved, the use of non-legal services increased by 3 per cent, becoming a practice of 30.3 per percent of Internet users.

The figures were obtained by the University of Rennes and also show another data. The percentage of users of music services online who prefers the streaming, to the detriment of other types of solutions, such as peer-to-peer – which will be addressed in the new legislation – has increased.

If in September only 12.4 percent of music listeners online chose websites streaming, at the end of the year 15.8 percent of online listeners already chose this option.

Probably not because there is a deliberate effort to avoid platforms whose use will be criminalized soon, but because streaming sites have become more popular in recent times and exist in greater numbers.

The representativeness of network users peer-to-peer increased from 17.1 to 14.6 percent in the same period.

The study also shows that half of users who buy legal content also use illegal services: 27 percent from networks peer-to-peer.