French authorities concerned about mobile phone use by children

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The French Ministry of Health issued a statement, warning of the need to raise awareness among parents of children using mobile phones.

The alert from the Ministry of Health, Youth and Sport highlights the fact that most of the studies carried out so far do not entirely exclude the possibility that prolonged use of mobile phones is harmful to human health and recommended an attitude of vigilance and prudence of families and parents, regarding the use of mobile phones by children.

The statement, issued on Wednesday, represents the first official position taken by the French government on the subject and comes in reaction to the growing market for mobile phones aimed at children and the record sales of this type of devices registered this Christmas.

The ministry also recalled that, although most scientific studies, international and French, have proved inconclusive, some of them point to the possibility of side effects related to the use of mobile phones, in certain sporadic situations.

According to the Ministry, the only adverse effect scientifically verified is related to an increase in the temperature of the terminals, in cases of intense or prolonged use, which may cause burns.

Studies that indicate a relationship between prolonged use of mobile phones and the appearance of cancerous tumors are not yet confirmed.

The statement also points out some good practices for the use of mobile phones, including the use of hands-free kits and avoiding their prolonged use and in areas with poor cellular reception.

The ministry has already asked the World Health Organization for comparative statistical data on studies carried out in several countries, so that, together with the opinions of other French health agencies and authorities, it can issue a conclusive opinion.

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