FreeToGame is a kind of Steam but only for free-to-play games

FreeToGame is a kind of Steam but only for free-to-play games

Especially on the PC platform there is a vast offer of games based on the free-to-play model, that is, players enjoy the titles without paying for them, but can purchase items and other microtransactions to support the respective producer. Very famous games like Fortnite, League or Legends or Apex Legends are based on this business, profitable for publishers, but also good for those who do not want or can invest.

The main difficulty that the games are in their respective platforms and websites of publishers. What the Portuguese website FreeToGame proposes to bring together in one place all free-to-play games, MMOs and other genres. Through registration, users have access to recommendations based on what they add to their list of preferences and other offers.

Each game listed on the website has its own file with information, images, videos, user reviews, minimum requirements, as well as the number of times that the players' library has been added. FreeToGame intends to be a kind of Steam, but for free games, as revealed to SAPO TEK Paulo Dobreira, CEO of Digiwalls Media, the company behind the project.

The main objective of FreeToGame is to create the most rewarding gaming experience for players, breaking the usual concept of online stores. At FreeToGame, everything is free, including loot packs, in-game currency, exclusive access to betas, among others, explains Paulo Dobreira.

Depending on the users' choices, FreeToGame presents tops, limited special offers (in which you can see the progress of availability in a bar) and other ways of suggesting news.