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FreeOffice will allow you to save in closed and open formats


After the controversy surrounding the Offices suites in Manjaro, the German company SoftMaker, owner of FreeOffice, will bring news for those who need to save in other formats.

SoftMaker’s free office suite, FreeOffice, has been gaining notoriety in the Linux world, as it has become a very good alternative for those who need to open proprietary MS Office formats, which in many cases LibreOffice cannot handle very well.

In the current version of FreeOffice, you have some limitations in relation to the paid version, like being able or not to save in some formats, such as doc, xls, ppt and odt for example. As we can see in the prints below, taken from here.

But this is about to change soon. After the controversy of the suites in Manjaro, on a Twitter tread, a user questioned why he chose FreeOffice, since it does not save in some formats. Behold, SoftMaker responds by saying:

«We agreed to add these features to FreeOffice (save to DOC, XLS, PPT, ODT).»

To confirm, Forbes journalist Jason Evangelho asked if this would be a feature of the FreeOffice version, and SoftMaker confirmed:

I took advantage and asked if they would “expand” the way to save, for open formats, more precisely in ODS (spreadsheets) and ODP (presentations / formats) formats. Their response to us, is that at the moment it will not be possible, as there is no manpower available to carry out the implementation.

Whoever needs to open files in ODS format, can do so in both free and paid versions.

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