FreeOffice has new version and with very good news


The free office suite from SoftMaker now has the compatibility to save in traditional Microsoft formats and in open text format (ODT).

In a statement posted in the “Press Center” area, the German company confirmed what it had already said on its Twitter, which would support the classic Microsoft formats and the Open Document Text, as we discussed in this post.

In the statement, they mention that FreeOffice already had “perfect” compatibility with the newest formats from MS, DOCX / XLSX / PPTX, and that it is a viable alternative to the office suite.

And now bringing more news, such as:

● Integrated in this version, the possibility to open and save in DOC, XLS and PPT formats.

It was also adding the functionality to open and close files in the open text format, ODT (OpenDocument Text).

● A “dark” interface has now been added, thus allowing the eyes to rest at certain times of the day.

They also mentioned that after requests from the Linux community, SoftMaker implemented important features in FreeOffice.

This shows that when charged in the right way, companies tend to take orders.

The new version of FreeOffice is available for Linux, macOS and Windows.

To download the Linux version, you can choose between the RPM, DEB or TGZ packages at the links below:

Linux 32-bit systems

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