Free your Mac from any and all malware with MacScan 3

Free your Mac from any and all malware with MacScan 3

From time to time, news of new malware that affects Macs appears. At such times, it is difficult to know whether your device has been affected or not. To help us with this task, after a long five years, SecureMac came up with a great update for the MacScan now in its 3rd version.

MacScan 3

MacScan 3 is a tool to protect the security and privacy of your Mac. And what was already good was even better with the new version: in addition to detecting threats such as Trojans (Trojan horses), spyware, adware, keyloggers, scarewares in short, malware in general, it also has some new functions and is faster and more stable.

When scanning your computer, you can choose to have a complete analysis or an intelligent one, that is, faster but also efficient. Whenever the app scans your computer, it first updates its threat definitions as there are always new ways to affect your computer. With it it is also possible to schedule a specific time and day of the week to start the scan or set it up so that it happens recurrently, every day, only on weekdays or on weekends.

But the app is not just to keep you from threats: it also cleans up unnecessary data from your browsers like download history, caches and infamous cookies. There is, interestingly, the possibility for you to choose the cookies you always want to remove or not, in case you always access a website that requires the use of them.

MacScan 3 runs on Macs with operating systems starting with OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 with a 64-bit processor, requires 500MB available on disk and constant internet connection to always update malware definitions.

If you are interested in the app, you can download a trial version for 30 days by placing your email on this page or signing it for approximately R $ 180 / year (US $ 50 / year). If you have purchased MacScan 2 in the past two months, you can get 3 for free; check your upgrade status on the SecureMac website.