Free Wi-Fi hacked in New York gardens

Free Wi-Fi hacked in New York gardens

One of the most charismatic spaces in New York, Central Park, will no longer allow its visitors to access the Internet for free via the Wi-Fi connections available there.

According to the American press, the provider of the calls, the Wi-Fi Salon company, will withdraw seven hot-spots Central Park, the largest in the city (3.4 kmĀ²), and others in gardens like Prospect Park, in Brooklyn.

The withdrawal of the operator is related to the lack of sponsors to help finance the 400 to 500 thousand dollars per month necessary for the maintenance and availability of connections in the parks.

Given the situation, the department in charge of managing the parks in New York is already working on new plans that allow a broader and more economical coverage strategy, which can be extended to the entire city.

Smaller gardens, such as Washington Square, Battery, Riverside, Van Cortlandt, Pelham Bay and Flushing Meadows will also be left unconnected. Spaces such as Union Square, Bryant Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park or Madison Square Park have different Wi-Fi providers, so there will be no break in the connections.