Free version of PhotoShop available online

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

After announcing the availability of a free edition and online Photoshop, about a year ago, Adobe decided to formally launch the product. For now, Photoshop Express, which is available in beta, allows users to store, edit and share up to 2GB of photos. The program works only on the equipment where Flash version 9 is installed and is compatible with all operating systems.

This edition of the image editor is part of Adobe’s strategy to enter the market online, where you can compete with other free publishers provided by other companies, including Picasa or Photobucket.

To thrive in this segment, the company relies on the popularity of Photoshop, hoping that the name of one of the company’s star products will be reason enough to attract users.

To the publisher’s fame, Adobe adds the most popular tools that characterized the editor, this time with a more intuitive method of use.

Initially, PhotoShop Express will be available only in English and for residents of the United States. According to Adobe, users who intend to access the site, outside the North American market, can try the tool but with a very low income level. Even so, the company says that, soon, the application will be made available in other languages ​​and in several countries.

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