Free utility prevents you from accidentally activating Touch Bar buttons

Free utility prevents you from accidentally activating Touch Bar buttons

Among enthusiastic supporters and staunch detractors, one thing is certain: Touch Bar it may not be unanimous, but it does not show any signs that it will disappear at some point in the near future – in fact, each day, the touch-sensitive bar appears increasingly to be a “differentiating element” of the MacBook Pro in relation to the Air.

One thing we should all agree on, however: because they don’t have the tactile barrier of a common key, the Touch Bar buttons are significantly easier to accidentally “press” – just one false touch and pimba: you activated Siri, changed the volume of the Mac or, worse, activated some unwanted command in heavy software.

Thinking about it, the developer Shaun Inman – self-declared hater Touch Bar – thought of a simple, albeit drastic, solution. I mean the utility Bar None.

The app’s function is very simple: it lives in the user’s menu bar and blocks all interactions with the Touch Bar, unless you are pressing the fn key. The idea is to avoid these unwanted touches and bring the interactive bar closer to a traditional Mac keyboard, displaying only traditional function keys instead of contextual menus and buttons.

To activate Bar None, simply grant it System Accessibility permissions and then go to the “Keyboard” section of System Preferences. In the section “Touch Bar shows”, select the option “F1, F2 keys, etc.”; in the section “Pressing the Fn key to”, you can select the behavior you want to activate the Touch Bar in times of need.

Bar None can be downloaded for free from the developer’s website. Enjoy!

via 9to5Mac