Free utility makes it easy to install fonts on your iPhone or iPad

Free utility makes it easy to install fonts on your iPhone or iPad

IOS / iPadOS 13 brought a very cool novelty for designers and on-call enthusiasts: native support for installing external sources.

We have a complete video showing how this can be done, but – until recently – the whole thing ran into a problem: the two most used applications for the task, Font Diner and Adobe Creative Cloud, involve paying their own monthly fees and ecosystems. , leaving out the possibility of you installing fonts that you acquired or obtained from external matrices throughout your life.

Now, the solution to the problem has a name: Fontcase.

Fontcase - Manage Your Type app icon

The application, free and open source, was created by the developer Manolo Sanudo; in the development process, the Iconfactory (creator of Twitterrific, Linea Sketch and other famous apps) signed a partnership with Sanudo to help launch the app.

Fontcase’s purpose is simple: with it, you can install any font packages you have saved on your computer – just save all the desired packages on your iCloud Drive or Dropbox, import them into the app and install on your device . Then, just run to the hug and use the typography in the apps that already accept the novelty, such as Mail or those in the iWork suite.

Fontcase uses a configuration profile to install the fonts, which means that you need to grant this permission to the app before taking any action. The application makes it very clear the processes that will occur in the installation of this profile, so that you do not have any concerns about your security.

You can download Fontcase, which weighs less than 1MB, for free on the App Store; its code, for those interested, can be obtained on GitHub. Enjoy!

via 9to5Mac