Free up space on your iPhone by deleting disposable photos with this app

If you have a task that is sometimes boring and that many “leave it for later”, analyze the photo library or the Camera Roll on your iPhone to select photos and videos that should be deleted. On the other hand, this task is quite important, especially for those with little space for storage.

With this in mind, the app Gemini Photos an intuitive and efficient solution for those who want to erase a few to thousands of photos from the device at once, effortlessly.

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The application, according to MacPaw, is a “smart machine” that, using algorithms, scans iPhone photos looking for duplicate images, blurry photos, screen shots and text photos (such as documents, receipts, etc.). With regard to photos in series, the app looks for the best stored image and allows the user to quickly delete other similar ones, not so good.

Using Gemini Photos is very simple: after installing, it is necessary to allow the app to access photos of the device. That done, he will scan your photos stored on both the iPhone itself and iCloud. At the end of the process, the photos will be divided into cards; each card refers to a category, such as “Similar” and “Accumulated”.

Gemini Photos for iOS

In addition to the categories, the app indicates all photos considered unnecessary, among which include screenshots, notes and blurred images. From each of these settings, it is possible to view which photos were automatically tagged by the app if you do not agree with the choices, you can select them manually.

To prevent the app from indicating the same photo (s) unnecessarily with each new analysis of the library, you must add the respective images to an ignore list. When included in this list, images will not be considered, preventing you from accidentally deleting them.

Once deleted, the images go to the “Deleted” folder of the Photos app, native to iOS; that is, if you got rid of an image that you shouldn't have, it will be possible to recover it by remembering that deleted images / videos disappear from that folder definitely after 30 days (the remaining period until the complete removal of a photo / video appears on the preview of each item).

Gemini Photos for iOS

Another interesting feature built into the app is the possibility to delete all images from the Camera Roll. That's right, erase all the content at once! The option, which is not offered natively for iOS users, is an effective tool for anyone who wants to clean the library without completely restoring the device. For security reasons, the app requires authentication (password, Touch ID or Face ID) to perform the action.

As not everything is just flowers, Gemini Photos has an internal signature to remove the limitation of searches for similar photos. Still, it is possible to test the app for three days after that, a subscription premium automatically be charged. Among the available plans, we have:

  • 1 ms subscription = R $ 6.50
  • 12 month subscription = R $ 38.90
  • Single app purchase = $ 49.90

For now, the Gemini Photos app is only available for iPhone and there is no expansion forecast for the iPad.

If you happen to have started the trial period or made one of the subscriptions above and do not know how to cancel, we have already made a tutorial that explains how to view and end subscriptions linked to an Apple ID.

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