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It is common knowledge that university students do not even have money for the photocopy, and with that, some companies launch special packages with discounts (or in some cases, free versions) especially for this audience. In this post, we put together some of these services.

Github for Education

For those interested in the development area, Github has some services for education, both for students and teachers.

The “Github Student Developer Pack” is a conglomerate of free or discounted tools exclusively for students. From a year of free domain, access to Jetbrains’ IDE’s to tools for email automation and much more.

To access, you need to verify that you are a registered student, using a school email or supporting documents, have a Github account and are over 13 years old.

You can check the benefits through from this site.

Notion for Education

We already talked about Notion over here, is a service geared towards productivity, where you can create notes, tables, lists and whatever else your creativity allows. It can be a great tool when taking notes on classes, organizing assignments, presentations and sharing studies.

Notion has a $ 4 per month plan with unlimited blocks, 30 days of version history and priority support.

For students, just register using a school email, and the personal plan is completely free. To check more details, just click here.

Figma for Students

We also talk about Figma here on the blog. It is a design and prototyping tool available through the web, and has a Pro plan of 12 dollars a month, which allows you to create unlimited projects, unlimited version history and create private projects.

For students, it is enough to be over 13 years old and to be enrolled in school, college or in a course that issues a diploma that the Pro plan comes out totally free. For more details, click here.

Do you know of any service that has special plans for students? Leave it in the comments!

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