«Free» technology for Bibá Pitta family

"Free" technology for Bibá Pitta family

The new strategy of Microsoft Portugal for the area of ​​consumption now has a face or, better to say, several. The initiative is called «High-Tech Family» and is embodied by Bibá Pitta, her husband and five children, plus two grandparents, who will test, first hand, the technological innovations of the brand.

The aim of the project was to find a model family, known to the Portuguese, to try out the various Microsoft technologies aimed at the consumer sector, «namely the recently launched and other novelties that are arriving in the Portuguese market by the end of 2010 «, said Cláudia Goya, director general of Microsoft Portugal, during the event where the initiative was presented.

Windows 7, Office 2010, Internet Explorer – available at beta as of today -, Windows Live and soon Windows Phone 7 and the Kinect system, for the Xbox 360 game console, are some examples of the technologies that Pitta Gouveia will test and whose experience they promise to share with other families.

«This project is a bet (…) through which we intend to show Portuguese families the potential of Microsoft products for consumption and their impact when used in an integrated and complementary way», justified Cláudia Goya. «We want to show how technologies can positively influence family dynamics in tasks as diverse as budget management, school performance, multimedia management at key moments, etc.»

An integral part of the High-Tech Family initiative is the partnerships established with other companies, namely in the area of harware, as is the case of Insys, which provided the Senior PCs destined to Pitta grandparents, JP Sá Couto, with Magalhães 2, HP, Toshiba and Sony, on the remaining PCs, and TBA with the home server that will manage the home network.

The set of partner companies for this Microsoft project also includes Lift Digital, for the social networks area, and Rumos, for the training component.

«At a time when digital literacy is increasingly an effective feature of our daily lives, being able to enjoy, first hand, a set of new products and services and having the freedom to freely share our experience it is undoubtedly a great asset and also a responsibility, as we are aware that our example can inspire other families «, said Bibá Pitta.