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Free software recommended by today began to recommend, through its website, the use of free security software from Secunia designed to detect vulnerabilities in applications installed on personal computers.

Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) is a tool for non-business users that, once installed, continuously audits the computer system, detecting outdated applications or exposed to vulnerabilities and suggesting solutions.

The solution is designed to protect applications from abusive access to information and the installation of viruses, Trojan horses, programs that record keyboard history (keyloggers) or other malicious content ā€“ which is only available for Windows.

When it finds software that could endanger the computer, the PSI suggests adopting an updated version of the application in question ā€“ providing the link to the respective security update published by the manufacturer of the affected software ā€“ or removing it, in the case of programs discontinued or versions that were not correctly uninstalled in the update process ā€“ which can present difficulties for the average user.

The Foundation for National Scientific Computing (FCCN), which manages the service, says in a statement that the partnership with Secunia is intended to provide Ā«information and tools with the aim of promoting investment in the prevention and permanent diagnosis of vulnerabilities. , as an effective tool to guarantee greater computer security Ā«.

Lino Santos, from FCCN, explained to TeK, that the choice of this tool is due to the fact that it is an Ā«entity that enjoys some prestige in the communityĀ», being recognized internationally. He also noted that this Ā«is not a common softwareĀ», addressing an area where there is not much offer: Ā«it is not an anti-virus, where there are already several solutionsĀ», said this official.