Free software guru "prefers" Microsoft to Apple

Free software guru «prefers» Microsoft to Apple

Free software guru "prefers" Microsoft to Apple

Neither Microsoft nor Apple enjoys Richard Stallman’s «friendliness», but in a comparison between the two giants, Apple manages to be even less «quoted» than rival Microsoft for the free software guru, being referred to by him as «enemy» audience number one «.

Although not yet the size of Microsoft, Apple is much more “malevolent” and has a more restrictive effect, says Richard Stallman «because it in particular prevents the right to install other applications» and «deceives users, making them feel cool for having their products, with their marketing games «.

Speaking to the Spanish press, Richard Stallman made a point of explaining that «free software is one that respects your freedom and the social solidarity of your community», while «proprietary software deprives its users of freedom».

The GNU «promoter» sees proprietary applications as «digital colonization, an injustice», and assumes that the goal is to replace private software with free software.

Although the biggest criticisms were directed at the company managed by Steve Jobs, Steve Balmer’s business was not spared. «We don’t care what companies like Microsoft do. We develop free programs, distribute them and help other users, and if Microsoft doesn’t like it, go to hell.»

The topic of piracy was also commented on, with Richard Stallman arguing that «piracy is browsing to attack users, not sharing content» and stressing that laws that prohibit the sharing of files published online are unfair and lack moral force.

In his opinion, there are other ways to share dividends related to intellectual property and he suggests, in particular, the creation of a scheme in which fans voluntarily pay a certain amount to their idols.