Free Software Foundation campaigning against Vista

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The Free Software Foundation has launched a campaign against Microsoft’s new Windows Vista that it considers likely to create harm for the user.

The Foundation’s arguments are compiled in a blog called Badvista and where several arguments are presented against the new update of software of Microsoft considered by John Sullivan, president of the Foundation, as just a «facelift».

«And especially [o novo Vista] a step back with regard to one of the most important aspects of using the computer, which is the possibility to control what we are doing «, he adds.

In the same vein, FSF characterizes Vista’s new features as «Trojan horses» designed to create ever more restrictions.

THE blog proposes alternatives to Vista, supported by open source products that guarantee the majority of functions provided by the Microsoft operating system.

Despite the efforts of the pro-organizationssoftware free the market trend seems to go towards maintaining the solid leadership of Microsoft, especially in the end user market.

Recently, an Ovum study found that Vista has the possibility of leading the fastest migration ever, in an update from Microsoft. According to the figures obtained by the consultant, it is expected that during the first year of life, Vista will conquer 15 percent of Windows users.

More recent figures from a survey of 1,300 people in the UK, recently published on ZdNet, indicate that 70 percent of IT professionals intend to migrate to Vista over the next year.

Another recent IDG study shows that over the first year of life Vista will be installed on 100 million computers.

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