Free Software Designer, it’s your chance to shine!


Ubuntu 19.10 will come out in mid-October, and one of the components open for help from the community by Canonical is the choice of system wallpapers. What can be a great opportunity for you, the designer, to put your artwork on one of the most popular Linux systems in the world.

Will Cooke, director of Canonical’s Desktop division, announced the opening of the Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine. In the same way that happened with version 19.04 Disco Dingo, those interested in collaborating with Ubuntu in this segment are encouraged to participate and submit their work through the Ubuntu forum.

It’s just Wallpapers, right?

Certainly, they are «just» wallpapers, but it is your choice to see the situation as an opportunity or «waste of time». Especially you, who work with photography and / or design, and use Open Source tools, it is very interesting to show that a good job can be done using such tools, however, obviously Canonical does not care about the tool you use, the important is the result. It is often cool to do something simply because it is fun, do you still remember how it is? ?


Although there are not many restrictions, there are some conditions for you to upload an image:

– Property: You must have the copyright of the images you submit to the contest, competitors are encouraged to report images that do not correspond to their supposed “owners”, in case they catch any competitor using images without authorization;

– Size: It is not necessary to upload the full-size image to the forum, however, an image with 3840x2160px resolution will be required for the final part of the contest, if the image is selected for this stage of the process;

– Quality: As already mentioned, the final image must have 3840 × 2160, images that are much smaller than that will not scale very well on different screens (in fact, this size is not even good on ultrawide monitors). Likewise, images with a lot of compression will not look good, and images that are not of good quality will not be accepted. Images with watermarks, logos, names and the like will not be accepted, if you want to use an image of yourself that has something like that, you must remove it before sending it to the contest;

– Licenses: Your image (or images, because you can send more than one) must be licensed under CC BY-SA 4.06 or CC BY 4.03, if you do not specify a license in your post, then it will be assumed that you are licensing the image under CC BY-SA 4.0. The act of entering the contest tells Canonical that you accept these terms and conditions.

The best of the best!

There is an interesting fact about your image being on Ubuntu 19.10: Apparently, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS will not have a wallpaper contest that way, instead it will have a selection among the best wallpapers between Ubuntu 19.04 and 19.10, perpetuating the work of several artists in a version of great importance to the world of technology for several years.

Will Cooke comments that there are no dates yet, as it will depend a little on the amount of submissions that are made, after that, there will be an open vote for the community through the wallpapers on the Ubuntu forum, where anyone can vote.

Take the opportunity to show your work! We even have several topics in our forum where people share their favorite wallpapers, check here.

To the next!

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